Join us in building a better tomorrow for our communities.

Warm, dry and safe homes our whānau can thrive in. Homes built

faster and smarter and well above the industry standard. Homes

for New Zealanders.

Warm, dry and safe homes our whānau can thrive in. Homes built

faster and smarter and well above the industry standard. Homes

for New Zealanders.

We deliver a better build for both the builder and the home owner.

Design and build to extremely high structural, energy efficiency, and environmental standards for a better home and a better tomorrow.

selectSIP’s superior quality structural insulated panels support leading-edge architectural design while providing cost-effective solutions for developers and social housing providers.

Building for a better New Zealand and Australia

We want to do better for Kiwis by providing healthy, safe, energy-efficient, and environmentally sustainable homes.

We hear the call to provide more quality homes for New Zealanders, at a faster rate, with better outcomes for customers, communities, and the construction industry. And we can answer it.

selectSIP’s technically superior building system allows both developers and builders to focus on improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of residential construction in New Zealand.

Our manufacturing process moves much of the house construction process to the factory. This reduces onsite time – resulting in maximum efficiency and savings for you.


Select Better Living

Select a home with lower energy bills using an incredibly climate-resilient product.


Select Advanced Engineering

Select a strong, affordable, healthy home built to the extremely high environmental standards.


Select Peace of Mind

Select superior performance panels with solid components and durability, that is also a sustainable building system that is better for the planet.


Select a Better Building Process

Select to do more. More value, more quality and more homes for New Zealanders.


Select Large-Scale Capability

Select high-volume fast construction with the most efficient delivery model available.


Select Cost Competitiveness

Select a cost-effective in-factory manufacturing system for efficient production, reduced construction times, fewer weather delays, and shorter drying times.


Select Design Flexibility

Select an accredited, proven, and tested system that supports leading-edge architectural design.


Advanced Chemistry

Select our magnesium panels for their superior performance and non-combustible, water-stable, and non-nutrient components.


Select better for the planet

Select a system with a lower carbon footprint and proven sustainability.

We believe selectSIP is the future for sustainably built, warm, healthy, safe homes for New Zealanders.

Our structural insulated panel system uses exceptionally durable, structurally superior, and high insulation value panelised components.

Choose a simple, fast, efficient product over inefficient, toxic, and unsustainable traditional construction systems.

What is the difference between Magnesium Sulphate (MgSO4) and Oriented Strand Board (OSB) SIPs?

MgSO4 is stronger and is free of VOCs, so it doesn’t off-gas like other SIPs. It won’t burn (zero flame spread) and has superior water resistance, and is nutrient free so won’t support mould growth.

Does building with SIPs cost more?

When compared to NZ accredited OSB SIP products on the market, MgSO4 boards offer better cost and time efficiencies as they require fewer finishing layers and are faster to install.

When it comes to house building, time is money, so speed and ease of construction can have a direct correlation to cost.

With selectSIP boards, reduced construction times equals less exposure to weather and faster build to lock-up. This results in fewer financing drawdowns and reduced carrying costs, all adding up to cheaper construction costs.

Select the best - choose selectSIP