Building better homes with superior building science behind us

Build strong, affordable, and healthy homes to extremely high environmental standards.

For homes that can handle higher wind loads, have a better seismic capability and are stronger.

Choose selectSIP.

With 20 years of building envelope development and 15 years of Magnesium Sulphate (MgSO4) sheathing recipe refinement, we can deliver you a better building product that exceeds NZ’s building code and requirements.

  • By exceeding NZ building code requirements, we minimise the need for additional engineering with every panel providing significant bracing and impact resistance.

  • The entire surface is structural and load-bearing – with roof panels strength tested to hold a span of up to 7.2 meters thanks to our unique box spline and the use of pressed steel internal components.

  • The advanced science behind our panels allows for wind loads to ‘extra high’ – supporting specific designs for cyclone conditions.

  • Our product’s seismic design capabilities have been developed in New Zealand through extensive research and development using regional engineers and third-party test laboratories to address ductility, durability, and strength for New Zealand conditions.

For homes made from product that won’t burn, won’t degrade over time, won’t support mould growth and is free of volatile organic compounds.

Choose selectSIP.

The advanced chemistry in our product provides superior strength and durability – allowing industry to create strong, safe homes – for today and generations to come.

Thanks to our unique product chemistry, selectSIP panels:

  • Exceed all fire testing requirements, causing no smoke or flame spread as it will not burn.

  • Won’t degrade if they get wet as they are water-stable. In fact, testing of our unique panel chemistry has shown an increase in strength over time through the wet/dry process.

  • Are made from non-nutrient materials that will not support mould growth – a major cause of respiratory illness.

For homes built faster with a thermally superior complete envelope system.

Choose selectSIP.

Streamline your building process with the complete build envelope shipped to your site (floors, walls, and roofing). Watertight in as little as one day.

  • Prefabricated floors, wall sections, and roof cassettes are manufactured in climate-controlled factories.

  • Substantially reduce trade and time requirements on-site.

  • selectSIP panels use the most scientifically advanced sheathing available, providing superior insulation and moisture management.

    The complete envelope system leverages these features by providing a higher degree of air tightness, minimising heat loss, and creating exceptional energy efficiencies.

  • Thanks to our advanced water-stable sheathing with E2 waterproofing at the panel, there is no need for cladding to be added for water tightness. This means your project can be weathertight in as little as one day.

selectSIP Envelope System


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