The future of sustainable, housing that doesn’t cost the earth – literally.

We are committed to building affordable, healthy, environmentally sustainable homes with a low carbon footprint.


Made to last for generations to come

The lifespan of our product plus its superior strength, water, and weather resistance means homes and other buildings constructed with selectSIP will last longer.


Low energy use and a warm, dry home

Building with the selectSIP system creates an airtight envelope that, coupled with the panels’ insulation values, offers superior insulation performance – helping you achieve a healthy, comfortable living experience with lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint all year round.


No toxic gases released into your home

The MgSO4 and EPS used in selectSIP panels are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so there is no toxic air pollution in your home. Find out more about VOC here.


No hazardous waste

selectSIPs are made from non-toxic inert materials, so the panels themselves, and any waste product from the manufacturing processes, do not compromise landfills or water sources.


Recyclable materials

The EPS used in our panels can be recycled in New Zealand at any stage in its lifecycle. So manufacturing, building, and end-of-life waste all go back into the system to be remade into building products. The MgSO4 sheathing is an intent material that can be ground up and safely disposed of to landfill.


Low energy manufacturing

The manufacturing of selectSIP panels uses minimal energy – on average, it takes 24% less energy to produce EPS, our insulating foam – than fiberglass insulation of an equivalent R-Value.

selectSIP offers a better way for developers and builders to provide healthy, affordable, low-carbon sustainable housing.

  • We believe we can build better homes for the people and the planet

  • We believe that sustainable homes should also be affordable

  • We believe we can lead the change to sustainable, affordable housing for New Zealand

  • We believe that our innovative building system will provide warm, dry, healthy homes for New Zealanders

Nature itself leaves nothing to waste; the earth’s natural cycle is endlessly repeating itself as it operates and evolves.

We’ve taken these beliefs into consideration to design a process and end product that fits our values.

This has led us to a safer, more energy-efficient, sustainable product where the overall true costs are similar to a less sustainable conventional approach – we believe it’s a winner – for us, for you, and for the environment.

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