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Helping you build more homes, faster, for a better New Zealand

Choose selectSIP for high volume fast installation of sustainable and healthy homes.

Select improved efficiency for your large-scale construction development, by choosing the most efficient delivery model on the market. 

Our vision is to revolutionise the construction industry while providing healthy, safe, and environmentally sustainable builds.

selectSIP‘s procurement, manufacturing and delivery model optimises scalability, flexibility, and built-in margin to be cost-competitive and viable under different market conditions.

Our advanced SIP system allows you to…

Take advantage of cost-effective solutions, delivered faster, without compromising on design or quality.

  • Streamline the building process, by taking advantage of our system for supplying wall sections, floor and roof cassettes ready to be craned into place. Our standard homes can be weathertight within one to five days thanks to our advanced water-stable sheathing with E2 waterproofing at the panel.

  • Maximise efficiencies and create savings for you and the client.

To help developers and social housing providers build a better NZ, we have…

  • Improved the delivery and manufacturing process to make project management simpler.

  • Enabled faster and more cost-effective builds through advanced building science.

  • Allowed for innovation in building design with a product that allows completely flexible, customisable design.

  • Developed a product and manufacturing process that helps you deliver carbon-neutral homes by reducing on-site waste and delivering a product suitable for energy-efficient homes.

Helping overcome the significant challenges facing NZ’s housing and construction sectors

NZ’s housing shortage is the result of a complex mix of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Skills and labour shortages

    Our system provides the opportunity to activate more of a company’s workforce by reducing the level of technical expertise required on-site. Our panelised assembly process minimises skill requirements, labour times, and process sequences in both manufacturing and onsite delivery processes.

  • Low margins

    Our integrated procurement, manufacturing and delivery model optimises scalability, flexibility and built-in margin to be cost-competitive – the price for our building system is relative to truss and frame.

  • Spike in construction costs

    selectSIP systems allow developers and social housing providers cost-effective solutions faster, without compromise on design. Our quality product allows design professionals to maintain competitive pricing levels for customers while offering them a superior product.


Source: ANZ NZConstruction Report (2017)

Our pricing for panels can compete with traditional timber frame construction

Reduced construction times equals less exposure to weather and faster build to lock-up.

This results in fewer financing drawdowns and reduced carrying costs, all adding up to cheaper construction costs.

Advanced Building Science

Our magnesium-based SIPS are superior to wood/steel clad SIPS in performance across all structural and building envelope criteria. When you choose selectSIP, you are choosing a 5th generation sheathing with a system incorporating 20 years of building envelope development.

The product’s advanced science exceeds New Zealand building code requirements with benefits from:

  • Reduced engineering requirements

  • Increased capability with wind loads

  • Proven seismic performance

  • Building envelope flexibility

  • Advanced sheathing chemistry

  • Efficient manufacturing processes.


Better Living

Select a home with lower energy bills using an incredibly climate-resilient product.


Advanced Engineering

Select a strong, affordable, healthy home built to the extremely high environmental standards.


Peace of Mind

Select superior performance panels with solid components and durability, that is also a sustainable building system that is better for the planet.


A Better Building Process

Select to do more. More value, more quality and more homes for New Zealanders.


Design Flexibility

Select an accredited, proven, and tested system that supports leading-edge architectural design.


Better for the planet

Select a system with a lower carbon footprint and proven sustainability.


Select better for the planet

Select a system with a lower carbon footprint and proven sustainability.


Large-Scale Capability

Select high-volume fast construction with the most efficient delivery model available.


Cost Efficiency

Select a cost-effective in-factory manufacturing system for efficient production, reduced construction times, fewer weather delays, and shorter drying times.

Select the best - choose selectSIP