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Build with selectSIP to deliver projects faster

Building with selectSIP is more efficient, easier, and faster than other building systems.

  • Manufactured to specification, our system allows you to significantly reduce construction time on-site, reducing your labour costs and increasing the likelihood of keeping to project budgets.

  • Build more with the same margin and no lift in overheads.  

  • Don’t get left behind because your normal right now won’t be allowed soon. Get ahead of the industry and build airtight, high performing homes today.


Our advanced SIP system allows you to…

Take advantage of cost-effective solutions, delivered faster, without compromising on design or quality.

  • Streamline the building process, by taking advantage of our system for supplying wall sections, floor and roof cassettes ready to be craned into place. Our standard homes can be weathertight within one to five days thanks to our advanced water-stable sheathing with E2 waterproofing at the panel.

  • Maximise efficiencies and create savings for you and the client.

How the envelope system works

  • We streamline the building process, providing the complete build envelope.

    Complete floor, wall, and roof cassettes are manufactured in our factory, shipped to you and then craned into place already prepped for the final coat of stopping, ready for battens or plaster application.

    Most selectSIP homes can be weather-tight in as little as one day thanks to our advanced water-stable sheathing with E2 water-proofing at the panel.


Our envelope system is structurally stronger and allows for more flexible design applications than traditional truss and frame structures.

  • Construction can be on a concrete slab or on piles.

  • Pre-cut electrical and plumbing chases and voids are provided as required.

  • Panels include tanking and window/door openings ready for installation in the factory, or on-site.

  • Build taller and thicker architectural walls with ease.

  • Build an insulated flat or skillion ceiling.

  • Reduce project-specific engineering requirements with our full, tested engineered design tables.

  • Panels arrive on-site in a pre-planned order, enabling efficient installation.

World-class SIP developers and CodeMark Accreditation

Our leading developers and CodeMark for the building envelope system mean you are working with a proven, tested, and accredited system and product.

Using a 5th generation, scientifically formulated sheathing – 15 years in the making, with a system incorporating 20 years of building envelope development, we set a new standard for quality and performance in the building industry. Using a revolutionary Magnesium Oxide (MgSO4) material in a scientifically formulated cement mixture, the most advanced, International Code Council Certified Magnesium Fibre cement sheathing in the world, we’ve redefined the standard for SIP panels.

selectSIP’s advanced engineering means our product exceeds New Zealand building standards.

By exceeding New Zealand building standards, our products minimise the need for additional engineering. Every panel provides bracing and impact resistance superior to most other products on the market.

Our panels are:

  • Water-stable – Will not degrade when exposed to water. Our unique panel chemistry means panel strength increases over time with the wet/dry process.

  • Ductile and Seismic Safe – Our panels are proven, time and time again to withstand high levels of tensile stress before deformation and failure.

  • Non-combustible – Our product exceeds all fire testing requirements, causing no smoke or flame spread as it will not burn.

  • Non-nutrient – Made from non-nutrient materials, our sheathing will not support the growth of mould – a major cause of illness.

  • Free of chlorides – Unlike other boards, ours contain no chlorides. The sulphate used in our sheathing makes it noncorrosive.

  • Free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) – selectSIPs are free of the harmful VOCs found in many building products used today. Find out more here.

Building better homes

Healthy homes built to extremely high environmental standards

We believe in healthy homes built to the highest environmental standards, for everyone. Our homes are built well above the standard new home Homestar rating of 2-3.

They use less energy thanks to our thermal breaking and proven envelope system that creates consistent, controllable, airtight interior conditions, outperforming leading insulation options and building methods.

Our panels are non-nutrient-based, meaning they will not support the growth of mould.

The product’s advanced building science exceeds New Zealand building code requirements, ensuring superior performance across the spectrum.

Stronger homes that last longer

Build for extra high wind loads, without additional engineering costs.

The advanced engineering of selectSIP panels allows for longer spans and wind loads to “extra high”, with testing proven to support specific design for cyclone conditions.

Make the most of large-span product capabilities.

Additional engineering is not needed for many projects as selectSIP panels have been strength-tested and can hold a span of up to 7.2 metres. The advanced span performance comes from the unique box spline and the use of a pressed steel internal components.

Build ductile, durable and remarkably strong buildings.

Our panels are constructed with safe, durable materials with high seismic performance. They have superior performance to wood or steel-clad SIPs across all structural and building envelope criteria.

The seismic design capabilities of panels has been developed in New Zealand through extensive R&D using regional engineers and third-party test laboratories to address ductility, durability, and strength.

Don’t pay more for a superior building product

Our pricing can compete with traditional timber frame construction.  

When compared to NZ accredited OSB SIP products on the market, MgSO4 boards offer better cost and time efficiencies as they require fewer finishing layers and are faster to install.

When it comes to house building, time is money, so speed and ease of construction can have a direct correlation to cost.

With selectSIP boards, reduced construction times equals less exposure to weather and faster build to lock-up. This results in fewer financing drawdowns and reduced carrying costs, all adding up to cheaper construction costs.


Better Living

Select a home with lower energy bills using an incredibly climate-resilient product.


Advanced Engineering

Select a strong, affordable, healthy home built to the extremely high environmental standards.


Peace of Mind

Select superior performance panels with solid components and durability, that is also a sustainable building system that is better for the planet.


A Better Building Process

Select to do more. More value, more quality and more homes for New Zealanders.


Design Flexibility

Select an accredited, proven, and tested system that supports leading-edge architectural design.


Better for the planet

Select a system with a lower carbon footprint and proven sustainability.


Select better for the planet

Select a system with a lower carbon footprint and proven sustainability.


Large-Scale Capability

Select high-volume fast construction with the most efficient delivery model available.


Cost Efficiency

Select a cost-effective in-factory manufacturing system for efficient production, reduced construction times, fewer weather delays, and shorter drying times.

We’d love to hear from you

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You will be looked after every step of the way through to code compliance and beyond.