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Our CodeMark accredited insulated panel system redefines the building standard for New Zealand to bring Kiwis better homes and the industry - better solutions.

Our superior quality product:

  • Supports leading-edge architectural design

  • Provides cost-effective solutions for developers and social housing providers

  • Helps us build homes that are much warmer, drier and safer than the industry standard.

Our system uses the latest developments in SIP (Structurally Insulated Panels) design, production, and engineering to create better homes with superior weather tightness and greater ease of construction.

Choose our accredited system to build to the highest structural, energy efficiency, and environmental standards.


Better Living

Select a home with lower energy bills using an incredibly climate-resilient product.


Advanced Engineering

Select a strong, affordable, healthy home built to the extremely high environmental standards.


Peace of Mind

Select superior performance panels with solid components and durability, that is also a sustainable building system that is better for the planet.


A Better Building Process

Select to do more. More value, more quality and more homes for New Zealanders.


Design Flexibility

Select an accredited, proven, and tested system that supports leading-edge architectural design.


Better for the planet

Select a system with a lower carbon footprint and proven sustainability.


Select better for the planet

Select a system with a lower carbon footprint and proven sustainability.


Large-Scale Capability

Select high-volume fast construction with the most efficient delivery model available.


Cost Efficiency

Select a cost-effective in-factory manufacturing system for efficient production, reduced construction times, fewer weather delays, and shorter drying times.



The science behind our product - explained.

The Chemistry

Our panels provide superior performance over wood or steel-clad SIPs with solid components and lasting durability. They are non-combustible, water-stable, and non-nutrient magnesium panels.

Superior Structural Performance

Each surface is structural, load-bearing and strength tested. selectSIP’s advanced building science is engineered to exceed New Zealand building code requirements, minimising the need for additional engineering.

Our roof panels are designed to hold a span of up to 7.2 meters – meaning less engineering and less costs for the home owner.


The science behind how our product creates healthier homes - explained.

Healthier Homes

We believe in superior homes for everyone. That means healthy homes built to the highest possible standards – well above the standard new home 2-4 Homestar rating.

Homes built using the selectSIP system have a minimum 6 Homestar rating on a scale that measures the health, efficiency, and sustainability of Kiwi homes.

Insulation Performance and Airtightness

Our envelope system outperforms many leading insulation brands on the market today by reducing thermal bridging and creating a higher degree of air-tightness.

Our system reduces heat loss, providing a consistent, controllable air-tight building envelope that provides stable interior conditions and lower energy consumption, year-round.

Moisture Management Performance

selectSIP panels are water-stable and made from non-nutrient materials – this means that our sheathing won’t support the growth of mould – a major cause of illness.

No Harmful Off-gases or Oxidative Stress. No VOCs

It’s a simple equation: No chemicals + no off-gases = a healthier home. Our product, unlike many others, contains zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is made with environmentally stable materials, which means a healthier home for you and your family.


Here for you, every step of the way.

CodeMark accreditation for peace of mind

Know you are working with an accredited, proven product.

Our CodeMark is unlike any other on the market, the first of its kind for a building envelope system. It is the result of extensive 3rd party testing, peer-reviewed by government-assigned industry professionals.

Customer support that’s with you, every step of the way

The selectSIP team and production system supports the customer through to code compliance completion.

Quality customer support is assured by selectSIP National. The ethos of selectSIP is to ensure the product performs to the highest standards and meets the specified needs.


We are committed to building healthy sustainable homes for New Zealanders.

We hear the call from Families and Communities to provide more quality homes for New Zealanders, at a faster rate, with better outcomes for customers, communities, and the construction industry. And we can answer it.

selectSIP’s scientifically advanced product allows developers to focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of residential construction in New Zealand.

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