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Our pricing can compete with traditional timber frame construction.

Explore the cost of building with SIPs.

Building with selectSIP wall, roof and floor panels costs approximately $130 to $170 per square metre. This may look different than other SIP providers because most SIP provider pricing is excluding any structural factors or other additions i.e., a raw panel square metre price. When we estimate/quote for you we include structural pricing (where possible) and include an engineering and detailing service.

selectSIP square metre pricing considers a range of factors that may cause fluctuations in base price. Cost of base materials, competitor SIP panel manufacturer pricing, general industry pricing/costs and consumer satisfaction are some of these considerations.

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Don’t Expect to Pay More.

When compared to NZ accredited OSB SIP products on the market, MgSO4 boards offer better cost and time efficiencies as they require fewer finishing layers and are faster to install.

When it comes to house building, time is money, so speed and ease of construction can have a direct correlation to cost.

With selectSIP panels, reduced construction times equals less exposure to weather and faster build to lock-up. This results in fewer financing drawdowns and reduced carrying costs, all adding up to cheaper construction costs.

Cost savings don’t end with the construction period.

Estimates suggest that SIP systems are up to 15 times more airtight than timber-framed construction with traditional fiberglass batt insulation. Suggested potential savings in energy costs range between 50% and 70% over the life of the building.

Our insulating panels allow for a highly insulated, airtight structure. Read more about airtightness performance here.

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